WE OFFER ASSESSMENT AND TREATMENT inlcuding device Programming and PArent Training for clients using AAC only

Synergy Kids’ Speech-Language Pathologist (SLP) has extensive experience implimenting PECS and Proloquo2go. 

In-person sessions are available Tuesdays 5-7pm and Wednesdays 5-8pm in February-May, 2024

From February-May 2024 the SLP Service is limted to clients seeking support for high-tech and low-tech communication needs only. Articulation Therapy is not available at this time.


An initial assessment is conducted by a Speech-Language Pathologist (SLP) who has extensive experience working with clients who use Augmentitive and Alternative Communication (AAC) such as PECS and  Proloquo2go.  A coprehensive the most effective system or tool for your child. The SLP will meet with the client and caregivers to engage in discussion ad to conduct an AAC Assessment (45 minute sessions). An AAC Assessment will determine the strategies and recomendations for your child’s use of AAC.

AAC Device Tune-Up / Programming

The service will provide a customized vocabulary display tailored o te client’s communication needs. The SLP will program the client’s high-tech AAC device based on individial needs and specifications. For example: setting up Proloquo2go on a new ipad or reorganizing symbols into categories. 

Parent training

Training focuses on teching caregivers strategies to use with their child in everyday situations that help to develop use of their AAC systems. Caregivers will be provided with hands-on coaching and feedback with the SLP. For example: adding buttons, organizing buttons and identifying activities which will promote the use of AAC at home. 

AAC Consultation

1:1 Treatment

Following an AAC ASSESSMENT, families may purchase one-on-one intervention with the client to targer specific goals to improve the client’s use of their AAC system. The SLP will interact with the client 1:1  and use a variety of activities to enhance the client’s use of their AAC system. 


Treatment is conducted 1:1 by an ABA Therapist inside a private therapy space. ABA strategies, combined with natural  environment teaching provides high quality results. Synergy Kids combines play-based therapy, academic activities, and follows your child’s lead to address their communication needs. 

In addition to communication skills, program goals can include, academic tutoring, life-skills developing self-regulation skills and reducing unwanted or challenging behaviours amongst others. Program goals and delivery methods are created using family input and an assessment by one of our Board-Certified Behaviour Analysts (BCBA).

ABA Therapy is an OAP APPROVED SERVICE and occurs in blocks: 

September- January


July and August- ABA Camp ONLY (1:1 sessions are not available)

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