ABA Therapy Programs


Our ABA-based interventions are proven to help children advance and maintain their learning, behaviour, and communication skills. Using patience, experience, and evidence-based teaching methods, we’ll help create positive differences in your child’s life.
ABA Therapy sessions are eligible for coverage with OAP funding. 

ABA 1:1 Treatment is conducted by an ABA Therapist inside a private therapy space

ABA strategies, combined with natural environment teaching provides high quality results. Synergy Kids combines play-based therapy, academic activities, and follows your child’s lead to address their communication needs. In addition to communication skills, program goals can include developing self-regulation skills and reducing unwanted or challenging behaviours amongst others. Program goals and delivery methods are created using family input and an assessment by one of our Board-Certified Behaviour Analysts (BCBA). ABA Therapy is clinically supervised by an OAP approved provider. 

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ABA Group Treatment

Sessions are supervised by a BCBA and occur in a  group of 3 clients with 1 staff. Clients attending ABA Groups should be aware of the group goals and able to cooperatively participate in games/activities during the session. ABA Therapists work to achieve Treatment Plan goals by providing ABA strategies, collecting data and creating a plan to target behaviours in a small group. The fee for ABA Therapy Groups is $70 per hour plus the ABA Assessment fee. Groups run for 15 weeks beginning January 8, 2024.

Synergy Kids offers FREE Trial Sessions for all ABA Groups to ensure the clients form a cohesive group. All clients who are interested in attending an ABA Therapy Group should attend a Mix and Mingle Event for their respective age cohorts. 

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