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Our ABA-based interventions are proven to help children advance and maintain their learning, behaviour, and communication skills. Using patience, experience, and evidence-based teaching methods, we’ll help create positive differences in your child’s life. Don’t believe us? We believe so strongly in the effectiveness of our ABA therapy services that we offer each new client a free trial session in our respite groups. ABA 1:1 Treatment is conducted by an ABA Therapist inside a private therapy space ABA strategies, combined with natural environment teaching provides high quality results. Synergy Kids combines play-based therapy, academic activities, and follows your child’s lead to address their communication needs. In addition to communication skills, program goals can include developing self-regulation skills and reducing unwanted or challenging behaviours amongst others. Program goals and delivery methods are created using family input and an assessment by one of our Board-Certified Behaviour Analysts (BCBA).
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ABA Group Treatment

Sessions are supervised by a BCBA and occur in a  group of 3-4 clients with 1 or 2 staff. Clients attending ABA Groups should be aware of the group goals and able to cooperatively participate in games/activities during the session. ABA Therapists work to achieve Treatment Plan goals by providing ABA strategies, collecting data and creating a plan to target behaviours in a small group. 

Beginning June, 2023 ABA CAMP is available an an OAP Approved Therapy Option. ABA CAMP is a 15 day program for groups of 3 similar peers lead by 1 ABA Therapist. Clients acheive group goals through Kitchen Group, Self-Regulation, Games Group, Classroom Group and Gym Stars as well as 2 hours of 1:1 ABA Therapy per day. Sessions Available June 12-30, July 3-21, July 24-August 11, August 14-September 1 and Sept. 5-25, 2023.

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ABA CAMP Sessions

Session 1 - June 12-30th Registration is Open. Level 1, 2 or 3 Supports Available
Session 2- July 4-21st Registration is open for clients with the profiles listed above (see 2 options)
Session 3- July 24-August 11th Registration is open for clients with the profiles listed above (2 options)
Session 4- August 14-Sept. 1st Registration is Open. Level 1, 2 or 3 Supports Available
Session 5- September 5-25st Registration is Open. Level 1, 2 or 3 Supports Available

ABA-Based Hair Cut Desensitization

There are many reasons why a child/teen may be overwhelmed by the demands of a hair cut. This 6 week program aims to desensitize clients to the tactile and auditory challenges of a traditional hair trim. Through gradual exposure clients will touch and explore scissors, buzzers, mirrors, capes, sitting still in a chair and other expected behaviours involved in a hair trim. Synergy Kids provides a safe environment for neurodiverse clients to express their emotions and insecurities in a judgment free space. Clients will be taught to use emotional regulation/ calming strategies through direct teaching, reinforcement, modelling and other ABA-based strategies. 

The first 4 sessions (Saturday Feb. 25, March 4, 11, 18, 2023) will be held inside Synergy Kids from 9-10am. Caregivers participate during each session as Ghazwan, owner and Salon Manager at TRENDY BARBERSHOP AND HAIR SALON, demonstrates his tried and true methods to ease children into a successful haircut. Ghazwan will demonstrate effective hair trimming techniques for parents to use during at-home hair trims using scissors, buzzers and other tools. Clients will practice the expected behaviours of a hair cut for 4 sessions inside Synergy Kids before moving to Ghazwan’s BARBERSHOP and SALON (4490 Fairview St. Burlington) for the final 2 sessions. March 25 and April 1st 9-10am Synergy Kids has the exclusive use of TRENDY to facilitate desensitization and practice receiving a hair trim. 

This group will begin with an ABA ASSESSMENT to identify the self-regulation and desensitization goals for each client. After 6 GROUP ABA THERAPY SESSIONS  caregivers will complete a brief survey to list their child’s improvements and accomplishments as a result of the in-person sessions. Parent participation in weekly sessions as well as the POST THERAPY EVALUATION are mandatory. OAP CORE CLINICAL FUNDING is applicable for this program. 

Cost: $1000 including ABA ASSESSMENT/Report Writing and 6 sessions of ABA GROUP THERAPY


Winter Session: SUNDAYS at 9:30-10:30am  March 5, 12, 19, 26, April 2  (closed for Easter holiday) and April16, 2023

Spring Session: SATURDAYS AT 9-10am April 15-May 20, 2023

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