Parent Coaching Programs

When parents are the agents of change, everyone wins! In our Parent Coaching Program, caregivers become educated on Applied Behaviour Analysis (ABA) techniques to integrate into their parenting techniques. With the help of one of our staff, caregivers receive customized advice on how to create a successful learning environment for their child – one that encourages a child to become more actively engaged in a family unit.

RECEIVE INDIVIDUALIZED Coaching on behavioural techniques FOR PARENTING

Our Parent Coaching Program has the overall goal of helping caregivers better understand and support their child’s behaviours. The session begins with completing a detailed assessment to understand each family’s needs and establishing goals to achieve throughout the program.

Caregivers/parents receives instruction on the principles of ABA therapy including reinforcement, motivation, and pairing strategies. Other common ABA strategies addressed include increasing food repertoire, self-regulation, and functional communication skills, and decreasing inappropriate behaviours.

1:1 Parent Coaching typically occurs in a treatment room inside Synergy Kids and usually involves the child being present. Parents are involved in the session and learn meaningful new ways to interact with your child. Many of the skills we will be teaching will be new to both you and your child. Throughout each session, we’ll provide opportunities to practice certain ABA strategies so that constructive feedback can be given. By offering ways to track the progress of your new parenting skills, we’ll know which areas require greater assistance in future sessions.

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Group Parent Coaching

Our team of Nurses, ABA Therapists, Board Certified Behaviour Analysts and Early Childhood Educators will present slides to a group of 10-15 adults with topics varying by month.

Topics include Self-Care (Taking Care of the Caregiver), Feeding, Toileting, Sensory Processing Disorder and Introduction to ABA.

Parent Education Sessions are offered in-person, up to 2 adults per family may attend.
We offer Caregiver Workshops to educate and offer networking for families facing similar topics. Lead by a Registered Nurse, and mother to children with autism, the 1.5 hour adult-only workshops are available for the following topics


first 100 days after diagnosis workshop

Neurodiversity workshop

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