Speech Programs

Synergy Kids’ Speech-Language Pathologist (SLP) is currently accepting clients who..

1) have a need for a low-tech (ie: PECS) or high-tech (ie: Proloquo2go) communication need


2) seek services for assessment, consultation, programming/ device set up or 1:1 Therapy

For the months of February-May 2024 SLP services are offered Tuesdays 5-7pm and Wednesdays 5-8pm. 


Tell Us More About Your Child before you start 1:1 sessions

Assessment: Involves a comprehensive AAC evaluation to determine the most effective AAC system or tool. The SLP will meet with the client and caregivers to engage in discussion and to conduct an AAC assessment. One of the sessions may involve observational assessment during the client’s ABA Therapy session. Strategies and recomendations will be provided. 

Consultation: This service address a specific need and provides targeted strategies. The SLP will meet with the client, and the ABA team to engage in discussions and informal assessment to determine the client’s AAC strengths and needs. Strategies and recommendations are provided to support identified AAC needs.

Programming/ Device Set Up: A customized vocabulary display tailored to the client’s communication needs. The SLP will program the client’s high tech device (for example: ipad with Proloquo2go) based on individual needs and specifications. 

Parent Training: Focused on teaching caregivers strategies to use with their child in everydat situations that help to develop use of their AAC systems. Caregivers will be provided with hands-on coaching and feedback with the SLP.

1:1 Therapy: After an AAC Assessment one-on-one intervention with the client targets specific goals to improve the client’s use of their AAC system. The SLP will interact with the client 1:1 and use a variety of activities to enhance the client’s use of their AAC system. 

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